Faucet Short Link Providers

Best Faucet Short Links

So you can't always count on Short Link providers. There have been a ton that pay one day and then stop paying the next. That is why I try to keep this article as up-to-date as I can.



ClicksFly – Clicks Fly payout rate seems too good to be true. I am still testing the waters with how they can offer to pay such a high CPM Rate with an average of $5 per thousand views. This is leagues higher than any other company in the marketplace of paying you for shortening your URLs with them. If ClicksFly can consistently deliver on their payouts then they will move up in my ranks!


AdsPuma – AdsPuma appears to be ran by the same people as ClicksFly. However their CPM is ~ $3 compared to $5 at ClicksFly which seems to be the highest but less sustainable. AdsPuma is probably a backup for ClicksFly if and when they decide to sell their link shortner to another company. You can also try using their BitsTlk Link Shortner for about the same $3 CPM

ads puma

BTCMS ~ $1.20 CPM

BTCMS – BTC.MS has one of the lowest payout rates compared to other link shortners. However most link shortners only count 2-5 clicks per IP address while it is reported that BTC.MS Counts 50! Obviously this isn’t the highest paying per click but since it counts the most it is one of my favorites!


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