How to Monetize Your Bitcoin Faucet

How to Monetize your Bitcoin Faucet

Okay so in order to keep your last article to an easy to manage reading length, we divided it into 2 posts. This is the 2nd of 2. If this is your first article on your site then please STOP and go read the first part explaining how to run a profitable Bitcoin faucet.

Before Making Money

I know, I know. Why can't we just be making money day 1? Well if it was that simple I would be running 100 faucets and be retired, but it isn't Running a faucet takes time and dedication. If you aren't here to run a quality faucet then I wouldn't even recommend starting. Now that the pleasantries are out of the way and you have a Domain Name and Hosting as written about in our first article. Then you need to build your website and implement and working faucet script.

In order to get a script working you will need to be a little tech savvy or have some great customer service support. We won't go too much into it here but this is where most people get lost. You can seek professional assistant from Viral Media Brand if you need it.

This is going to require an API Key from your Micro Wallet provider of choice. I personally prefer the FaucetHub system. Once you have the API Key in place and the script running you will need to test it. This will require you have Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or DOGE.

It is highly recommended you use ShortLink providers as they are the top paying when it comes to earning revenue from your faucet. You can find a full article on quality short link providers here.

Starting to Monetize Your Faucet

Now that you have a working faucet you need to start monetizing it. Yes you will be in the Red for the first few weeks or maybe even months. Heck some reputable faucets barely break even after Google started banning adsense accounts who placed ads on their faucets.  That is why it is challenging to run a reputable faucet and still turn a profit. That is why you are here.

There are numerous ways to monetize your faucet and if you want to earn a profit you will need to utilize almost all of them, if not all of them. Short Link providers are you first step when it comes to monetizing. They also are a great anti-bot deterrent. If you are using a script or sometimes plugins, they will have built-in Short Link providers but I have a list of the most reputable and top paying.

Banner Advertising on Your Faucet

After Short Links comes Banners. Banner ads are one of the best ways to earn a handsome profit off your faucet. As mentioned in our previous article about how to run a profitable faucet users who have free hosting plans will not be able to benefit from banner ads. That is why it is crucial you invest in quality, paid hosting plans.

There are numerous ads providers that will only accept websites with certain Alexa rankings. For example you can view this sites Live Alexa Rankings. Popular ad serving networks will sometimes require quite high Alexa ranking prior to allow you to place ads on your website as a publisher. Here is a full list of advertising networks with reviews.

On Site Ads

It might sound weird but if you have a website you can sell your own ad spaces. You can essentially cut out the middle man and sell advertising space, on your website, directly to the advertiser. You as a publisher control your site and what is on it.



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