How to Run a Profitable Bitcoin Faucet

How to run a profitable Bitcoin faucet

Now you might have notice the recent outbreak of faucets. With websites like FaucetHub allows for users to make direct micro-wallet transactions without the Blockchain network fees. It makes it super easy for just about anyone to create and run a faucet. Now it's not all kicks and giggles when it comes to running a faucet. It also takes a little tech savvy. We won't dive to much into the tech part in this article but we will in a future one.

Getting Started with Your Faucet

This is probably the easiest step in the process to running your very own faucet. You need to come up with a name. For example is a highly reputable faucet that is high paying with free Bitcoin. There are other great faucets out there and many new ones are being created daily, one of the oldest and most well known is

Example Names: (these are probably taken)

After you come up with a good name you will want to lock in a domain name. I prefer .com names as they are the most well renowned. One of the best places to search and register domain names is right here on Viral Media Brand - cheapest .com renewlas

Hosting Your Faucet

Now that you have a Domain name you will need to also purchase some hosting. There are free hosting plans out there but I will explain the issues with these in just a moment. For now you will want to look into cheap, affordable, quality hosting, with great customer service. I know right it sounds too good to be true but you can find just such services with Viral Media Brand - Hosting plans starting at only $1.99/mo

The Problem with Free HostingĀ - The issue with free hosting providers like 000webhost or faucetfly is that you are running your faucet on their network. They are recieving all of the traffic and hits while you give away your hard earned Bitcoin or crypto to visitors. and other sites like Google track visitors to websites. These are referred to as Hits. When you use free hosting you are collecting 0 hits because every person who visitrs your site is actually visiting your hosting providers domain. That is why you need paid hosting. We will touch on this issue a little further in the article too.

Building Your Faucet

Now that you have a Domain Name and Hosting - (preferrably the same provider) you can start working on your website/faucet. It is wise to have your Domains and Hosting managed by the same provider for ease of use. It is not necessary but it will save you many steps and a lot of time if you just register your domain and hosting all in the same place.

If you happen to already own a domain name but still need hosting that is okay. It is easier to forward over the domain name to your hosting provider. For instance, if you bought $1.99 hosting with Viral Media Brand you can use a domain name registered here or with any provider like GoDaddy, HostGator or NameCheap.

The easiest method to a ready made faucet is by using faucet-in-a-box. You can find many scripts and plugins that offer faucet abilities from manual to auto-faucets. Just search Google and GitHub.

If this sounds a little too difficult or you find yourself in need of help you can always hire a professional through Viral Media Brand, just view our packages page and give us a call.

We have split this article into 2 sections. It was getting rather lengthy. Please visit this link to go to our How to Monetize Your Bitcoin Faucet.

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